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Anonymous: what made you switch from Android to iPhone? I'm thinking of doing the opposite- switching from iPhone to Android. So any pros/cons you have for both would be great!

A big reason of why I switched to iPhone was the fact that Android was so bad at the time. Web browsing was terrible, you needed to install a launcher just for things to run a little bit smooth, and it was an overall very unrefined experience. Something I remember pretty clearly is that when I would always prefer to use my first generation iPod touch to browse the web instead of my android phone, even though my iPod was much older. That made me realize how clean the iOS experience really was.

Today, both are good and it boils down to preference. But here are some pros and cons that I’ve noticed in my experience.


  • Pro: Well built
  • Pro: Fantastic camera
  • Pro: Works extremely well in an Apple ecosystem
  • Pro: Apple Customer Support
  • Pro: One of the fastest phones you can get
  • Pro: AppStore
  • Con: Difficult to customize
  • Con: No removable battery/expandable storage
  • Con: One screen size


  • Pro: Highly customizable
  • Pro: Variety
  • Pro: Removable battery/Expandable storage
  • Pro: ROMs
  • Pro/Con: Cheap (Cost and quality)
  • Con: Stability and reliability
  • Con: Unoptimized apps
  • Con: Manufacturer skins
  • Con: Not as intuitive

Now, take into consideration the fact that my thoughts on Android stem mainly from having only used 2.2 and 2.3 as daily drivers, but I tried to remain as unbiased as I could. I obviously prefer the iPhone, but that’s also because I have a Mac, iPad, and Apple TV, so it makes more sense for me. Android has gotten immensely better since I last used it but it still seems as though the experience is not as refined as something like iOS due to the fragmentation of the platform. 

Hope this answered your question!